>Healthy Lifestyle does NOT mean Bland

> So you’d love to be healthy but you just can’t fathom eating bland, boring salads each day or banning butter and cheese from your life?

Come taste the flavorful side of healthy with Certified Personal Trainer Dr. Mandy Rhodes and Yvonne Hall of Wildtree Herbs at 6:30pm on Thursday, September 16th at the Redondo Beach Neighborhood Grinds. Dr. Rhodes will describe how important it is to be healthy with some simple ways to incorporate healthfulness into your life, and Yvonne will let you taste the differences in foods and show you simple steps to making the meals. They will give you some ideas of how to cook healthy, flavorful, easy meals while watching your caloric and cholesterol intake. Here’s how:

* Make beneficial cooking oil choices

* Use alternate preparation and cooking methods

* Search for and Banning some health busting ingredients

You won’t be disappointed at this fun and delicious excursion to healthy.

RSVP to wildforwildtree@gmail.com

Mandy R. Rhodes, CPT, DC is the founding owner of Active Balance and can be followed on her blog at activebalance.blogspot.com

Yvonne Hall, Southbay Wildtree Herbs representative, can be followed on her blog at wildforwildtreecooking.blogspot.com


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