>Halloween doesn’t have to be full of HFCS and Hydrogenated Oils

>2 great ways to get Healthy on Halloween:

Just saw this blog post from coolmompicks.com — what a great list of Halloween treats we can all be proud to hand out (or eat up!) Check out the list of 6 on her blog: http://www.coolmompicks.com/2010/10/6_all-natural_halloween_treats.php

And if you are an LA area local, I also just heard that Fresh Brothers pizza is offering 10% off on their Halloween day pizza deliveries if you place your order by 10/29 — A great way to get a fresh pie — even Gluten, Vegan or Dairy Free — on a night when you’ll be beyond busy! And make sure to get their Fresh Kids Sauce for a blend of veggies that you’ll never know is there! Check out their Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/#!/FreshBrothers) for the special 10% off post!

And if you make it this Friday or Saturday to one of my Freezer Meal Workshops you’ll have another 10 meals that you won’t have to be scared of! All 10 meals each month are made with Wildtree products and all WT products have:
NO Preservatives
No Additives
No Food Dyes
No Fillers
is 100% peanut free AND All-natural!
Contact me to secure your workshop space.


2 Responses to “>Halloween doesn’t have to be full of HFCS and Hydrogenated Oils”

  1. Yvonne Hall Says:

    >Or maybe before AND after Liz;) I mean there is 2 per package right?

  2. Mom101 Says:

    >Thank for including us here! I'm thinking that Divvies chocolate would be awesome right after that pizza. Or maybe the other way around?Liz (Cool Mom Picks)

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