>Don’t stifle the Stir Fry

>Stir Fry – LOVE it! Quick, Easy – has veggies so also considered HEALTHY in our house – and uses rice not pasta (which is better for my refined carb lovin hips).

But why oh why do we ALL think of Asian style food when we hear the term, “stir fry”?
Wildtree does have some great Asian style stir fry sauces. I LOVE using the Asian Ginger Plum or the Thai Sesame Sun Butter. Hubby prefers the Kickin Asian Stir Fry since it is more traditional. But there is so much more that we can do with stir-fry!

If you have some sort of meat (or tofu) and/or veggies and some rice try some of these other varieties of my favorite stir-fries! They are quick and easy (since the meat should be diced whether precooked or raw) and good for ya!

Italian Stir Fry:
Garlic grapeseed oil sautéed chicken (or sausage), mushrooms, onion and diced tomatoes. I usually combine the tomatoes with some hearty spaghetti blend or garlic galore prior to adding them to the stir-fry skillet. I serve this over Parmesan rice.

Mexican Stir Fry:

Jalapeno grapeseed oil sautéed chicken/beef, onion, peppers, black beans, fajita or adobo blend (I use about 1/2 TBSP). Of course I feel compelled to top mine with shredded cheese & Fiesta salsa and serve over Cilantro lime rice. But you could also just add some cilantro and a squeeze of lime as well.

Basil Pesto Stir Fry:

Basil Pesto grapeseed oil sautéed chicken/shrimp and tomatoes – add spinach the last few minutes to wilt. Also great with some toasted pine nuts. Mix with some prepared Basil Pesto blend, to taste, with rice.

The All American (Hubby’s FAVORITE)
Butter flavored grapeseed oil sautéed chicken/steak, onions and mushrooms, diced potatoes and liberally sprinkled with Rancher’s Steak Rub to taste.

Here’s another one that I enjoy straight from the Wildtree recipe search tool:

Chipotle Lime Fried Rice


* 2 tablespoons Wildtree European Dipping Oil – Hot Chili
* 1 small onion diced
* 1 1/2 cups sliced mushrooms
* 2 cups white or brown rice, cooked
* 2 teaspoons Wildtree Chipotle Lime Rub
* 3/4 cup frozen peas
* 3/4 cup pineapple cut into small chunks

Heat oil in a large frying pan over medium-high heat. Cook the onion until soft and translucent and add the mushrooms. Cook for a couple of minutes and then add the rice and seasoning. Finish by adding the pineapple and peas and cooking for 3-5 more minutes.

Calories 230; Fat 8 g; Saturated Fat 1 g; Carb 34 g; Fiber 4 g; Protein 5 g; Chol 0 mg; Sodium 190 mg

How do you enjoy your stir-fry?


19 Responses to “>Don’t stifle the Stir Fry”

  1. Kay Rice Says:

    >Nice Blog! Love the stir-fry ideas and I enjoyed looking at your past articles and other pages on the blog.

  2. Yvonne Hall Says:

    >Darcie — the flash/smoke point of Grapeseed oil is 419 degrees — plenty high enough for stir-fry. Here is an article address (http://www.care2.com/greenliving/smoke-point-for-cooking-oils.html#) that discusses various flash points for cooking oils (grapeseed oil is not even mentioned — sadly) SO depending on what oil your typically use grapeseed is similar in flash point. Another good thing to remember is that grapeseed oil expands when heated so you need about 1/2 of what you think you'll need or what is mentioned in a recipe for other oils. Thanks Candace I had no idea the links didn't work directly! I will investigate. Great Rod!!! Let us know how it turns out!

  3. Rod Says:

    >I am a foodie and fat boy at heart, so thank you for the wonderful stir fry ideas! I'm going to try the Italian tonight!

  4. Candace C. Davenport Says:

    >Nom nom and oooo- have to go dig out my wok. Got packed in my last move and I've not unpacked it. Stir fry is alot of how I cook- either chicken or shrimp and fresh veggies and it works well in a regular pan. I always eat it over brown rice- much better for you.Interested in learning more about grapeseed oil-I'd love a packet as well. Just a FYI, I clicked on many of your links and this is the message I got: "You must visit your Representative's web site before you can place an order." I could go into the site but none of the links went anywhere you wanted (at least on my end-). Welcome to Blogger Monday! Candace Davenportwww.ourlittlebooks.com ~ Little Books with a Big Message

  5. Darcie Newton Says:

    >Love your thinking…never thought about using my wok to create non asian dishes. Can't wait to start experimenting. One question, is the burning point of grapeseed oil as high as the oils you would traditionally use?Darcie NewtonUsing Real Estate to Fund Retirement http://www.mywealthspa.com

  6. Jennifer Duchene Says:

    >Yvonne, I love the ease and variety of the stir fry. Always fun to mix up veggies with a little protein and rice, rice noodles or other grains. If I can do it in one dish, even better.Got me thinking about food.Jennifer DucheneThe Home Makeover Mixtress blending cool & cozy stylehttp://home-decorating-makeovers.com/

  7. Yvonne Hall Says:

    >SO glad you are all enjoying the mouthwatering recipes! We had a friend over for dinner that just found out she has an auto immune disease that prevents her from processing gluten. SO …. All American stir fry was my last minute substitute for dinner. Judy — Grapeseed oil is great uncooked as well as it has a very mild flavor, comparatively. Since we carry so many flavored Grapeseed oils there are many options for them used in dressings that we all LOVE. I have a grapeseed oil fact sheet that I'm happy to pass along. Let me know if you are interested in it. Pat — YUM!Amy heading to your blog to check it out. thanks!

  8. amy donovan Says:

    >nom! i actually just did a post on my blog yesterday about kung pao tofu, which is a stirfry dish as well. it's super delicious — you should try it! one thing i have never tried is fried rice, but it's on my to-make list. thanks for some other non-asian stirfry suggestions – i'll have to try 'em out!

  9. Jean Bentley Says:

    >A couple of these made my mouth water! You're right, usually when I think of stir fry I think Asain, but I think the Italian and the All AMerican sound wonderful!

  10. Lisa Ann Landry Says:

    >Thanks for sharing these ideas and these wonderful sounding recipes. I can't wait to give them a try.Lisa Ann LandryVibrating Positive Energywww.myshoppinggenie.com/pstd

  11. Joan Oliver Emmer Says:

    >It is 11 p.m. and I am so hungry after reading this post. And you're right, I DO associate stir-fry with all things Asian!

  12. Pat Zahn Says:

    >Stir-fry's, skillets, one-dish meals – I love them all. My standby meal is sausage (any kind), any veges we have on hand, kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, stir-fried in grapeseed oil, tossed with brown rice pasta (we're gluten-free), basil and olive oil. Love the sound of the Mexican or Basil Pesto…Pat ZahnPhoto Solutions Superherohttp://www.patzahn.com

  13. June Sockol Says:

    >I'm not too good in the cooking department so I love your stir-fry ideas. I never would have thought to use rice. Thanks for the great ideas!

  14. Sharon Hiebing Says:

    >You know what's funny – my husband makes variations of the dishes you describe, we just don't "call" it stir fry. But in reality, that's what it is. Wonder why that Asian conotation is so hard to break? Thanks for the great recipes – yummy!Sharon HiebingFollow Your Dream Compasshttp://www.wealthships.com

  15. Connie Umbenhower Says:

    >Wow. What a variety of ideas. Must try some of these ideas because I usually stir fry my leftover rice.

  16. Rachel Lavern Says:

    >Like Judy, I do not cook often but stir fry is popular when I do. This gives us a chance to try fixing vegetables in a new way. We even planted a vegetable garden and pick them fresh. The children love this.

  17. Louise Edington Says:

    >I haven't stir fried for ages – I'm more of a crock pot type cook. You've inspired me though Yvonne and glad you found your way over to Blogger Monday!Louise EdingtonInternational Aupair Finder

  18. Judy Stone-Goldman Says:

    >Reading a cooking post reminds me how little I cook! Health issues prevent me from using many ingredients, but I'm sure I could cobble together something interesting. Not familiar with grapeseed oil. Is it an oil that you can also eat on uncooked foods?Judy Stone-GoldmanThe Reflective Writer

  19. fierceover50 Says:

    >I never stir fry could be so international. Can't wait to try them..the Mexican stir fry sound especially yummy. Thanks for the tipsJulie Labes, the…Fierce over 50 but feels like a young mom can still wrestle on the floor with the kids does not use a jogging stroller and before you ask, this is NOT my granddaughter..Mom

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