>Maltodextrin — is it all natural?

I live in a very healthy and health conscious society here in LA and I LOVE that. And since I rep an all-natural line of food products it does fit in well with that society. But it also means I get asked some health/product/ingredient related questions that I can not answer. Recently I was asked if Maltodextrin was all-natural as it is listed as an ingredient in a few of our products.
Well like any good rep — I called the home office to find out! And anyone interested in any Wildtree product or ingredient could to the same by calling Wildtree at 1-800-672-4050 or asking their local rep.
We do in fact use Maltodextrin and it is in fact all natural and also gluten free! Wildtree is very cautious about the sources of their ingredients. Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate and natural cornstarch. In our case it is used as a natural drying agent. For example when we have a liquid spice that we want to use in one of our dry spice blends natural cornstarch maltodextrin is used to “dry” that liquid so it can be used in the dry blend.
The wise geek blog had a great post on the safety of maltodextrin (http://www.wisegeek.com/is-maltodextrin-unsafe.htm). Like many things in the world these days there are people with allergies to maltodextrin just like people have allergies to corn, eggs, peanuts, strawberries and many other natural items. However if you are not allergic, this is a safe all natural ingredient.


2 Responses to “>Maltodextrin — is it all natural?”

  1. Pat Zahn Says:

    >Well, any processed food, I would only ingest in extreme moderation AND corn-based products that are not organic (which means they are GMO) would be on my list of: No, thank you.

  2. freshbrothers Says:

    >Interesting. The name "malodextrin" sounds very ominous and unnatural. Good to know. Thank you for sharing!Debbiehttp//www.FreshBrothers.wordpress.com

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