CHEESE IS EVIL!!!! oh how I love it so!!!

I love Cheese. I really blame it on my Mexican food addiction. (If you’ve followed me for more than a minute you know that Mexican is my go to flavor).

I waited too long to eat lunch and there fore was STARVING and had no time to put food on a plate and heat in the microwave. So of course that meant is was quesadilla time. I grabbed the leftover Sunday Dinner Chicken, tortillas, rotel and shredded cheese from the fridge and turned on the stove. Put a little Jalapeno GSO in the skillet and started the tortillas heating. Shredded some of the chicken added it to the tortilla, scooped out some rotel (hey this counts as veggies, right?!?!?) and smoothered with cheese and the other tortilla. Fine — I felt your glares and ran to the fridge for a handful of spinach and added it right before the flip.

here’s the recipe again:

My Leftover Chicken Quick Quesadilla

1/4 TBSP WT Jalapeno GSO

2 Tortillas

handful of shredded leftover chicken, to taste

scoop of rotel, to taste

handful of shredded cheese, to taste

handful of raw spinach

optional for those who love the spicer side of life– sprinkle on some WT chipotle lime seasoning

Instructions: Heat contents in skillet on Med Hi heat inside tortillas to melted yumminess. One flip for even browning, if desired.

This seems healthy, doesn’t it? Don’t feel the need to answer if you don’t agree with me;) I mean I held back and DID NOT add sour cream to dip it in!

Do you have a food pitfall that always sucks you back in and off a healthy path?


7 Responses to “CHEESE IS EVIL!!!! oh how I love it so!!!”

  1. Louise Edington Says:

    I love how you write Yvonne. And I looove cheese! I miss all the British cheeses, cheshire, wensleydale etc. I could eat cheese til it comes out of my ears – poor waistline. Has to be pure cheese though – none of that fruity stuff mixed in or anything. Mmmmmm cheese! Just off to grate cheese for Tacos tonight!
    Louise Edington
    Facing Fears For Freedom

  2. Rita Brennan Freay Says:

    Oh I agree…cheese may be evil…BUT its sooo good:) I’m starving…and jealous of your very healthy quesadilla…have no ingredients to make my own…but I do have sour cream…lol! Thanks for sharing your recipe…love it! Enjoy:)

  3. Darcie Newton Says:

    I love cheese too…thanks so much for the recipe…although you are stronger than I am…I’d have gone for the sour cream dip.

    Darcie Newton
    Discipline for profit, none for jammy zins, triple creme brie or memorable necklaces

    • wildforwildtree Says:

      Just found you in spam … who knew I had a spam folder in my comments section!!!?
      Awwwww cheese lovers, oh how easy it is for us to get along! I’m totally meeting you in person when I make it up North!

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