Time for a change — YES ALREADY

ok, I had this great plan of using the Sunday Dinner Chicken for meals all week. Well it is Tuesday night and I’m already bored! Luckily I KNEW this would happen with me (this is WHY I don’t plan!!!) and so while buying out the chocolate yogurts at Trader Joe’s last night I snatched up a package of stew meat that caught my eye;)

Tonight after my boring dinner of ….. yep you guessed it CHICKEN …. I got out the stew meat and seasoned it to marinate over night. I used 1 TBSP Butter GSO (because I love anything with Butter GSO on it) and 2 TBSP of WT Rancher’s Rub (because hubby loves anything with Rancher’s Rub on it).  Marinating the meat will not only help tenderize it, it also gets more flavor throughout each piece! I’ll add another TBSP of Butter GSO in the skillet when I brown the meat in the morning. I also set out the fancy tri-color potatoes that I love and Hubby thinks are weird. Love that they are small enough so I only have to half them — time bonus!  And 1 onion and of course the shinning star of tomorrow’s all day crock-pot-a-thon ….. The Wildtree Beef Stew Sauce!!!!!!!! I’ll pull the carrots, celery stalks and meat out of the fridge in the morning. Tiny bit of chopping, tiny bit of browning, throw it all in the crock-pot and once again at the end of the day — my family will think I’m an AMAZING cook!!! And I am; because I know what products to use that make everyone happy;)

Does your family think you are an Amazing cook?


3 Responses to “Time for a change — YES ALREADY”

  1. Rita Brennan Freay Says:

    I would like to believe they think I am an amazing cook….but with 4 kids I can’t seem to please all of them all of the time! I love the quick crock pot idea….will have to try it. This recipe sound delish! Thanks for sharing…..now where do I get the Beef Stew Sauce???

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