Being a Mompreneur ain’t just Chocolate Mousse and strawberries!

Being a work from home mom is a lot of balancing and juggling. And in many cases … asking for help. I go to many networking events and meetings to market my business and that often times means hiring a sitter for the kids until hubby gets home. Everything was set for tonight’s meeting where I’ll also be showcasing Wildtree’s Chocolate Mousse for all the Torrance Heartlink participants to enjoy after dinner. Sitter confirmed, whipping cream and strawberries purchased; I was going about my day slightly leisurely.

AND THEN I got the text, “I tried to eat and can’t keep anything down. Sorry I can’t watch the kids tonight:(”

Panic entered my heart and I was frozen

And then I took a few deep breathes. No big deal, we have a back-up sitter. Just text her and it will all work out. So I did. And then I waited. 5 minutes, 10 minutes …. ARRGGHHHHHHHHHHH. No response. Ok what is plan C? Sick sitter’s mom is a friend and loves the kids. I’ll text her and she’ll watch the kids until hubby can get home and all will be fine. SO I did. And then I waited. 5 minutes. (ok, I’m freaking out time to text hubby) 10 minutes…. ARRGGHHHHHHHHHHH. No response.

Ok, what time is it? only 3:15. Still have time to figure out a plan D and make the Mousse for the meeting. Time to call hubby — my all time BEST idea bouncer! ok, a few phone calls later and support form a wonderful hubby and Plan D is secured and the kids have secure, fun care at preschool until Hubby can weave his way through traffic and pick them up. (Thanks hubby for leaving work early!!)

Ok, now back to my leisurely day.

It is now 3:50. Maybe I should chill the mixing bowl and get out the hand mixer. yes I have a stand mixer but believe it or not I have not unpacked it since our move in April of 2010. haven;t needed it yet since I do so little baking from scratch. Everything I’ve done (including lots of mousse making) has been handled just fine with the hand mixer. Searching for the beaters ….. still searching …. nope not in that drawer either.

And panic again enters my heart!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I can figure this out. What can I use to to whip up the whipping cream into peaks …

KITCHENAID to the rescue!!!!

And so you’ve heard the story of how I finally unpacked my Kitchenaid!

But wait this post was supposed to be about Chocolate Mousse and strawberries. I’m writing this blog while waiting for the freshly hand-washed mixing bowl to chill in the fridge. Luckily it only takes 10 minutes to make Chocolate Mousse. I’ve already washed the strawberries and packed them into my eco-friendly shopping bag. Have my freezeable bowl chilling in the freezer. SO now my friends … I’m off to whip the heck of some cream with my fabu Kitchenaid.

Was your day all chocolate mousse and strawberries or did you have a few challenges? Remember it is not the obstacle that defines you but how you handle it — so whip up that obstacle and put a strawberry on top!


One Response to “Being a Mompreneur ain’t just Chocolate Mousse and strawberries!”

  1. The Loop Says:

    Sounds relaxing! haha

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