Entering the Change

Lots of change happening for me lately. Both work and family and also internally for me … not not THAT change!! Hopefully I have a few more years for that one. (though deleting that one week a month would be FINE with me…I know, I know… TMI)

What I’m talking about is me. WHO I AM. Do you know who you are? Several times now I’ve played Ann Evanston’s WHO AM I game. She asks you to take a few minutes and write down a list of words of who you are. Then she sets a timer and waits. Well the first time I completed this game was at the BLP conference in September of 2010. Interesting outcome and ended up with me really starting to take a look within myself. Months later I finally signed up with my friend Louise Edington to learn Ann’s social networking system and in that 30 day intensive again I was asked, WHO I AM. Well, I thought … I’ve got this!!!! Done it before, got it now. right???? But after writing my list (for the 3rd time now) what I realized is that although I had looked inward and identified some issues I hadn’t made any changes. I was still stuck in my roles! What can I say, some people have thick skulls;)

So this weekend, amid the tornado of things that typically go on in my life every day, I made the change. My thoughts are not limited to what I do, to my biz or to being a mom. I am not my roles in life I am Yvonne Elm Hall and I matter! And I welcome you to MY blog!

Hope you enjoy my change and all that will come here in the future.

Are you stuck in your roles or have you too made the change?


6 Responses to “Entering the Change”

  1. tutticooks Says:

    Hi Yvonne! I’m going through it, too. Separating who I am from what I do is hard, but I think once we get it, we can open up lots of doors for ourselves! Thanks for sharing this and keep us posted on your progress! We’ll be inspired by your results!

    • Yvonne Elm Hall Says:

      And I just realized today that with these changes comes maintenance! I had to update my twitter widget on this bog so that my tweets appear … things I didn’t think about. 😉 Which also brings me to another maintenance request of you … Since I change my wordpress blog name, I don;t think my subscribers transferred. Do you mind resubscribing — look up and to the right;) Thanks so much!

  2. Pat Zahn Says:

    Well, glad to meet you Yvonne Elm Hall! Happy for you. Some day we’ll meet in person.

  3. Alyson Says:

    Way to go Yvonne! I can totally relate to that! I am in the same boat right now. I feel like I am just on the edge of figuring out WHO I AM and I know that as I explore myself and what is right for me as a person, that great changes will take place. I like the part where you pointed out that you need to do it more than just once. Because you might think you are changing but if you don’t re-visit yourself and your progress, how do you know if you are really changing or not?

    Keep up the good work! You are a rock star!

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