Don’t let Technology Fears stop you — JUST DO IT!

I am completely out of biz cards! ok, I still have one … I think that is lipstick smeared on the corner (maybe some sort of sauce) with a few sprinkles of gold fish mashed in as well … not suitable for a media mixer for sure.

So after my ‘work’ was done at 11:30pm and I was contemplating what to do; what I’d hand out to people at the #blpinfluential Mix & Mingle Soiree tomorrow morning. And then it hit me — we have all those 4×6 glossy photo sheets that came with our Cannon printer cartridges and I have a logo and a great headshot … maybe I could make something up quickly. Now I know most of you would have headed to Photoshop — don’t know that program well enough for a late night session! SO … I opted for my stand by program — WORD. Don’t laugh! I use what I got!

Added my photo

Added the makeshift logo my friend made

Added my contact info

Well I should add my name … and a little intro … uh oh … I’m getting inspired (according to a seminar Martha McBride attended, I’m a prowler which means I am a creative night dweller .. so being productive and funny at midnight is not so uncommon).

There it was … on the computer, in a 4×6 format, in color, proofed and ready for printing and sharing and laughing at … one little problem … I have ZERO idea how to use the 4×6 glossy paper in the printer! It must use it though since it came in my ink cartridge pack, right?

Off to the printer I go, I look in the paper drawer; no 4×6 setting. I turn the printer around and see if there are any other drawers to pull out or levers that pop up … this photo paper has to fit somewhere! This machine is like a freakin’ puzzle box!

Oh there it is in the back, totally hidden. As soon as the drawer falls open I see the little 4×6 slot ready for me! So I load the paper and hit print … prints on the back. Turn the paper around, hit print. Bottom contact info is cut off. Change the formatting and font size on my file. Hit print. ohhhh that looks presentable … but maybe it could be better. I hit print again and go to Media and Quality settings … change to semi gloss paper and High print quality … go. Ohh these are looking good!!! Wait, what is flashing???, crap the ink it running out! open the cover, printer won’t move because I’m mid-print. Close the cover. Cancel the print. Open the cover. Change magenta and Skinny black ink. Close the cover. Select print AGAIN with semi gloss paper and high print quality.

go brush my teeth.

Come back and wrap my little tokens of humor in plastic, place in purse and off to bed I go. (well really off to blog about it all but you know what I mean, right?)

So what that I don’t have cards for a networking event, so what that I don’t know Photoshop, so what that tonight was the first night I’d ever printed on 4×6 photo stock at home, so what that these aren’t as fabulous as if my graphic designer Janice could make … I had a need. I filled the need. I like the outcome;) I just Did It! And ya know … maybe they’ll even still seem funny in the morning!

Are you a thinker or a doer? Do you just jump in like me and assume you’ll figure it out on the way or do you let your fear of the unknown stop you in your tracks?

If you let fear get in the way sometimes I challenge you this week to DIVE RIGHT IN! And let me know how that goes for you;)


43 Responses to “Don’t let Technology Fears stop you — JUST DO IT!”

  1. Barbara Hyman Says:

    Did my comment get posted? If it’s being held for moderation, that’s ok!

    I’ll try again to say that your commitment to yourself and your work, and your integrity about doing what needs to be done is inspiring!

    Barb the Healer!

  2. Barbara Hyman Says:

    I like your blog, Yvonne. Very inspirational! Just do it is really the answer. 90% of success is just showing up, and, you’re doing it, girl!


  3. Robbie Schlosser Says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    Thanks for this wonderful story, and the wonderful way you tell it! Last Tues I posted on my FB fan page a story from the Sunday NYTimes. It talked about shyness and suggested there are shy people who prefer to cautiously think about things, and the rest who prefer to boldly go where no man has gone before… to coin a phrase, and simplify a pretty complex discussion.
    Sometimes I’m pretty bold, but usually I’m not. So I admire your determination and persistence. The pay-off is that beautiful card. Congratulations. And good for you for encouraging fence-sitters to “go for it”.

    • Yvonne Elm Hall Says:

      thanks Robbie for the always kind words. I don;t see you as shy or cautious at all. I think you are a trend setter in your industry with your use of Social Media. Funny how different we see ourselves from others perceptions isn’t it? I’m sure you don’t cautiously approach your music … so treat everything like you’re music and Just Do it!;)

  4. Louise Edington Says:

    I’m a jump in and figure ti out type of gal and love what you ended up with! I am finding now though that I am being more sensible about WHAT I jump in and try to figure out as I spend so much time doing that that I never get the real work done – outsourcing is the key!
    Louise Edington
    Fabulous and Fearless!

    • Yvonne Elm Hall Says:

      outsourcing huh? I just haven’t been comfortable enough to make that leap … except with a monthly house keeper gladly jumping up and down for that outsourcing!

  5. Brandy Mychals Says:

    They turned out really cute…necessity is the mother of invention! Love jumping in and figuring it out as you go πŸ™‚

  6. Alicia Dunams Says:

    Everything is perfected in the process. Love it!

  7. Laurie Hurley Says:

    Well, you are not a quitter and I can so relate, not to running out of business cards, we Driven warriors would never do that! But the techie part – I am slowly overcoming my Limited Belief about machines and am making some progress, but I like your spirit – you had a need, you figured it out and it looks fabulous to me! You should be proud! Now go and order some business cards, girl! πŸ™‚

    • Yvonne Elm Hall Says:

      ah, I don’t know … I’m liking the new contact cards and may just embrace them for a moment with no traditional biz card (The ‘brand’ of me is in transition and I’m not sure what to do with it all;) I know this whole reply is like fingernails on a chalkboard for you … Can;t help my SOS;)

  8. Donna McCord Says:

    Thank you for the good laugh you gave me reading this on a rainy (hard to believe but true!) June afternoon in Mountain View, California! I love your innovation and persistence in making something work that you had little knowledge or experience with! I have had sessions like that where I wanted to do something (i.e. figure out how to use my scanner and get photos into my computer) but didn’t have a clue or a manual to refer to, and if you can figure it out, it’s actually fun! On the other hand, if I can’t figure it out, it can be frustrating and time to call for help. I love your finished product and bet that people will respond much more to your creation than to a business card! Amazing what we can do if we put our minds to it!

    • Yvonne Elm Hall Says:

      Thanks Donna — Kind of like a little puzzle isn’t it? I like puzzles .. the journey of them as well as the process. πŸ˜‰ Almost as much as I like bringing smiles and joy to people!

  9. PatZahn Says:

    You ARE hilarious Yvonne! I often get the best inspiration when I’m under a time crunch. Without that pressure, there doesn’t seem to be any need to learn where the paper goes or how to change the ink in your printer. No dis to your graphic designer, but I think what you did was great. I assume I can do anything until I prove myself wrong.

  10. Alara Castell Says:

    Yvonne… you are a hoot! I really enjoyed reading this post.

    I would have to say I’m actually a feeler and if I feel like doing it then I’ll do it, but if I don’t forget about it! LOL! I think a lot so I’m a combo πŸ™‚

    Now when it comes to something fear based then I jump in…only as of this year. Last year I would think and think and think and hide and hide πŸ™‚ This year I found some balls. LOL! Or one of my mentors would say 8 lbs balls or yoni. hahah! I found my power for sure. So bring it on! Uh oh did I just ask for trouble…no all fun!

    Love how you tackled it all. The printing looks pretty. What’s great is it has your photo and tells people what you do. I was always wondering who was behind Wild for Wildtree. I aw adds for it…now I know it’s you. How cool! Love it!

    Alara K. Castell
    Your Sassy Spiritual Guide

    • Yvonne Elm Hall Says:

      πŸ˜‰ The face behind the Wild words that are EVERYWHERE. We’ll I’m not sayin I’m gonna go ride a mechanical bull like you .. but I’m trying! And that is all any of us can do is try our best, right?

  11. lupower Says:

    Yes, Yvonne, you ARE funny at midnight!! I LOVED this post, and I love the cards that you made. They describe you perfectly. You brought back the memories of my life as a single mom so many years ago. Wish I’d known you then; glad I know you now!! Lisa xox

  12. Julie Labes Says:

    As many SNCC alumni will attest to, i have had my share of technology battles but like you, I leave the war victorious (at least until next time) These events can never beat us because we always learn something (even if what we learn is to let someone else do it, we still learn)
    i loved the way you wrote this..full of humor and you kept us hanging on. Fun post

    Julie Labes,…The Fierce over 50 feels much younger point and click junkie loves to travel does not use a jogging stroller and before you ask this is NOT my granddaughter..Woman

    • Yvonne Elm Hall Says:

      The joy of the victory is always so much sweeter when you have great peers to share it with — and you my friend have been through the technology ringer so your response means A LOT!

  13. Rita Brennan Freay Says:

    HAHAHA, I love your writing…you had me laughing, as your words had me hanging on…waiting for the finished product..or not! Need you ask, I am like you…I WING it! Take my chances and go with the flow…trying to make it work and figure it out as I’m going if I have to:) I think I thrive under pressure…not sure I want to live there, but I do get a jolt of joy when I accomplish my mission impossible! LOVE your new business cards…..can I have one?! lol! Way cool.

    Rita Brennan Freay

    • Yvonne Elm Hall Says:

      you probably read it just as it sounded in my head when I was writing it! Always so fun to see your reactions to my stuff;) Feel free to take that there image up there and save as and then print it right on out for your self in FULL SIZE for your dream board;)

  14. Dr. Dorothy Ponton Says:

    Your description of the creative process as a winding road through technology hurdles had me laughing out loud. I’ve unfortunately been there, and handled it with entirely less grace than you. Very attractive finished product!
    Thanks for this witty reminder to keep going, because it is easy to forget that trying, failing, and learning is how we grow.

    • Yvonne Elm Hall Says:

      I always love when people share my humor and we can all laugh about it later! πŸ˜‰ And hopefully we’ve all had a cute little learning story from it as well;) Thanks for the thoughtful comment!

  15. tina hardesty Says:

    I read the entire blog note with great anticipation, hoping you put a pic of your handywork up! It looks great! I think it’s genes because I am just like that…one year I made up cards and used a wallpaper knife to put slits in it to hold school pictures and mail them out! LOL

  16. Judy Stone-Goldman Says:

    This is a fabulous story–and I completely relate as I don’t understand/know Photoshop and would be likely to use Word (but I wouldn’t have figured out how to do the fancy glossy paper). One way you and I are different, however, is I’m definitely not a night prowler!

    This post is such a good reminder for me, as I tend to be hesitant with new technology and want to “get it right” rather than diving in. Thanks for such an enjoyable “good example” to keep with me.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    “My cat owns me, my clutter stymies me, my writing frees me.
    Word maven loves–and learns from–ordinary life.”

  17. meredithjacobonlineacob Says:

    I love your 4 X 6 makeshift business cards. They will stand out more than the traditional business cards anyway. Nice job figuring out the printer. At that point, I’m asking my husband for help, and in an exasperated manner, he can usually do it, but not at 11:30 at night. As far as technology goes for me, I usually just dive in and try to figure it out, but I’m still avoiding youtube.

  18. Julieanne Case Says:

    I guess I’m like you! It’s how my blog website got done. I just sat down and did it. Hit a wall, looked on google for some tutorials and found them, sometimes an inspiration came to me that helped me solved my own dilemma. Then struggle with the widgets, then got help from another SNCC on the subscriber widget (Thank you Fiona Stolz!) and still learning but it got done. I applaud you on what you did. It looks great. Hope the meeting was a blast!

  19. Molly Perry Says:

    Technology can be so darn frustrating, but we can’t live without it! I think we sometimes set ourself up for failure when we go into a situation like it is “me vs. the printer”. Patience certainly pays off. Or, maybe even a call for tech support. Way to stick with it and get ‘er done!

  20. verriakelly Says:

    This was really inspiring for me. Having the oomph to just get something like this done translates into business success. As entrepreneurs we have to always be ready to just do it! I’m sure your event went well and your cards are gorgeous!

  21. Jean Bentley Says:

    Awesome! I love how you didn’t let the obstacle stop you. I probably would have just not attended the event.

    • Yvonne Elm Hall Says:

      Oh Jean .. that ran through my head several times!!! Especially since making the event also meant calling preschool to see if they could accommodate the kids and all that is involved in getting them and me ready … Whew, I’m tired just remembering all that I did this morning. But I made some great connections! Now I just need to follow-up;)

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