Small Business Saturday Specials

I’m so thankful for all your support and business this year. Buying from small business owners mean you are directly impacting the local families. And because I’m feeling thankful … YOU GET A SPECIAL!!!!!

14 Wildtree products + 17 recipes = a winter of full and happy bellies for only $56!!! (+tax & shipping)

But that doesn’t help my Gluten Free Friends. So we’ve got a special for you too;)

Buy the Gluten Free Bundle at 20% OFF of retail pricing! That’s 5 GF mixes; 1 each Bread, Muffin, Pizza dough, Brownie and Yellow cake mixes for only $53 (+tax & shipping)

In order to receive these specials you MUST email or call in your order no later than 6pm Sunday, November 27th, 2011. Monthly customer specials are available in addition to either of the above specials. Culinary Club member discounts are NOT applicable with any of these specials.

Contact me at wildforwildtree AT gmail DOT com or 310-850-6443 to place your order.

And now your mind can be at ease that for these 17+ meals your family is FREE from HFCS, MSG, food dyes and preservatives! Now that is something to be thankful for!

Did this keep you from hitting the Mall for post-Thanksgiving shopping specials?


One Response to “Small Business Saturday Specials”

  1. lupower Says:

    Tomorrow is “Small Business Saturday”. My plan is to SKIP the bigbox stores and shop locally (and through local entrepreneurs / Mompreneurs). I was able to accommodate our lactose-intolerant Thanksgiving guests by using my favorite Wildtree product, Butter-flavored Grapeseed Oil, to saute carrots & onions. I also rubbed some of the oil on the braised turkey breast instead of giving it a butter facial. AND the lasagna that I made for my step-daughter was delicious, partly due to the Italian Seasoning (from – did I mention? – WILDTREE). But wait – there’s more! I’m more of an oil and balsamic dressing gal (seasoned w/ S&P), but I used the WT Italian Salad Dressing mix with a juniper balsamic vinegar & oil on our mixed greens, sauteed pear, pecan and bleu cheese salad. OMG, pure heaven. Thanks, Yvonne. I’m so happy to have met YOU and Wildtree! Double WIN!! Lisa

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