Purple majesty potatoes — not just for my pretty princess — an antioxidant rich food!

I’ve been getting the potato multipacks at Trader Joes for a while. I use them in my roast veggie mix a lot. Purple is one of my most favorite colors so eating purple potatoes is a nice, fun treat for me. The other night though I needed mashed potatoes to go with my meal. Didn’t have enough of new, red or russet potatoes on hand to make a full family serving of mashed … so I ended up with a boiling pot of 50% purple and a mixture of red and white. The outcome was a pot of bluish-green water and a wonderfully, lavender colored batch of buttery, yummy goodness!

The Chicago Tribune even reported that these little potatoes were reserved for royalty back in the incan days because they were so good or purple or .. well who really knows why. But the purple potato was important and saved for the kings.

I thought for sure my 4 3/4 yo daughter would be totally excited by this lavender creation and gobble them up … I was SO wrong! She thought they were weird and wouldn’t even try them (mashed potatoes are one of her favs, as is the color purple,  so this was rather crushing to me)!

But my friend Rita Brennan Freay today made me wonder … are these potatoes any different than the others? I’ve heard red potatoes have more health benefits than white and thought it could be possible. SO I went on a virtual trek (gotta love that google) to find out about these little purple gems.

Specialty produce explains that the color IS the reason this little spud is superior. The purple color comes from anthocyanin, a flavonoid has been shown in studies to:

  • have anti-cancer properties
  • have heart-protective effects
  • boost the immune system
  • protect against age-related memory loss

I’m seeing more purple (mashed, roasted and boiled potatoes) in our future!

Have you tried the purple potatoes at your house? How? and Were they a HIT or a MISS?

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