It seems you are pulling me back

My last post on this blog site was March 2012 and it stated the site had moved.

But I keep getting notices that people are not only finding this site … but that they are subscribing to get updates. And it makes me wonder why? Not why are you all subscribing but why is this blog that I left for dead coming to me.

You see last year I re connected with Elizabeth Nixon, a former Lawyer here in LA that was also a friend and the officiant of my wedding. And it was all a destined reconnection. She had since moved to Arizona and became a writer, authoring a book and DVD of her legal research findings about Divine Decrees. The DVD literally made me CRY .. yes I said cry … from the power of the message and the connection I felt when I watched that DVD! But in connecting with her on a personal level she has begun teaching me about Living in the Rhythm of Heaven and the power of what that means … really recognizing the signs and following those signs even if you aren’t sure what they mean.

And that brings me back to this post. I know not WHY people are subscribing to a blog that has not had activity on it in 10 months. But that is not really the point is it? The point is that I saw the sign (feel free to break into song with me on that  great song reference) and I’m following up .. because I’m not sure where this is leading me .. but I have Faith that it will lead somewhere; that there is a reason.

So BIG THANKS to all the new followers! Thanks for joining me!

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