Somethings are bigger than my to do list

There are so many things on my to do list tonight. I need to plan and promote my upcoming meal prep party. Need to send an email to my sister thank her for our card/presents. And if you know me AT ALL you know there is plenty of house work to be done!

But tonight my friend needed me to help out. And so I of course did help. You see my friend was diagnosed a little over a week ago with Mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma and she found out today her treatment path will be chemo. But she is yet to see the oncologist to find out the treatment schedule or the intensity of treatment. Still so many unknowns.

Ironically (really is it ironic or is it what I’m being called to do right now?) I sent an email to an old friend last night. A friend who survived 2 boughts of Cancer before I’d even met her. She had mentioned a website to me that helped coordinate help for those going through ‘this’ type of situation. And upon my request she gave me the name of the site.

And  since I was armed with the site name now, Lotsa Helping Hands, I placed a call to my friend to say I was thinking of her and that I was sending her a link later to a website that could help coordinate meals and child pickups drop offs, etc. Everyday life hings she’ll need help with while she is focusing on her fight and recovery.And ya know what her reaction was? She immediately said “you’re Hired! I trust you to set-up and coordinate this” ~ seeming not so ironic now is it. So tonight I created, Gloria’s Helping Hands, where we can build her support community and follow her instructions on how we can help with her every day things.

So I’ve set up the site and am hoping I can figure things out to coordinate help for her before chemo begins.

You can follow her Cancer story at

I’m hoping to look more into Canary Voice as well and set-up a way for friends and family to record some greetings, words of encouragement for her.

Here’s to her health (and yours!)

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