Is your burrito mirroring your life?

Breakfast is my least favorite meal of the day. Now don’t  get me wrong I LOVE breakfast foods (most of my favs resemble desserts though). Could eat them all day long!! Why you ask would this be my least favorite meal then???

  • I am NOT a morning person
  • I am usually not hungry until at least an hour after I wake (coffee is a totally different story)
  • The breakfast foods I love are the ones I KNOW I should run far far away from
  • Mornings with 2 young kids is BUSY (any time of day with 2 young kids is busy)

With all of my breakfast “issues” I usually wait and wait until I’m STARVED to eat. Recipe for destruction right? After looking in the fridge 3 times this morning I decided on a breakfast burrito. Labor intensive but better for me than the toaster waffles or pancakes that were staring at me!

I grabbed an egg, 2 sausage links, tortilla, fiesta salsa and cheese. And 20 minutes later I’m in the same place I always am when I make a burrito — trying to close the thing up!!!

I do this every time, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner burrito I try to cram too much in. But one scrambled egg, 1. 5 sausage links a sprinkle of salsa and cheese don’t seem like they are too much for this tortilla! But they always are. Why do I seem to always arrive at this place with ingredients falling out of my tortilla onto the pan that I’ll curse at later when I have to clean it? Why can’t I seem to learn from this and plan better — reduce the ingredients?

Well I think it is because I want it all and I think I can have it all! And I do get it all — it just ain’t always a pretty process. 😉 (I know you are visualizing me taking a bite the burrito and seeing the salsa and egg fall down my chin onto my shirt right now)

I’m an overstuffer ~ of burritos and of life~trying to fit as much in as possible and many times, things fall out the edge. I’m just wondering if I’m the only one whose burrito mirrors her life. Are you an overstuffer, trying to fit just one more thing in all the time? Or do you plan each item so that it fits perfectly in the tortilla? Or do you fear the overstuffing and the planning and just downsize to a bowl of cereal?


Yvonne’s over-stuffed breakfast burrito:
1 egg scrambled
1/2 TBSP WT Fiesta Salsa blend
1/2 TBSP petite diced tomatoes
2 sausage links, cooked sliced
handful of your favorite shredded cheese
1 tortilla
optional: 1 tsp WT taco, fajita or chipotle lime seasoning blend
Instructions: Mix fiesta salsa dry blend and tomatoes to allow rehydration of spices/veggies while beginning recipe. Warm both side of the tortilla in skillet on Med. Low heat. After turning to second side add the remaining ingredients. Fold tortilla around ingredients trying to enclose all ingredients. (this is the part that never works for me and I end up with open ends) Turn burrito over to warm and slightly brown side with closure. Carefully remove from skillet as to not drop any yumminess. Don’t forget your fork to get the fallen ingredients!
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