Snarkiness Begets Press ~ Thanks Louise Edington!

Meet Bob, my 72 year old father (dancing with me on my wedding day). If you were meeting Bob in person right now he’d put out his hand for a shake and say, “I’m Bob, but you can just call me SA.” and then he’d laugh that hearty, down from the bottom of his soul, bellowing laugh that he laughs each and every time he says this same thing. I love that he cracks himself up (and STILL cracks himself up). By the way … SA is short for Smart Ass.

Why might you ask am I telling you about my dad when in the title of my post the name is Louise??? Hold on!!! I’ll get you there. 😉

You see I met Louise Edington of Lou Loves Learning last fall at a conference. Been keeping up via Facebook. She lives in the cold, cold state of Utah. And when the kids and I took a driving trip to Denver Louise and I started our banter about cold vs. warm, mountains vs. beaches, so forth and so on. About a week ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with Louise while she was on a family vacation. I heard her say the family wanted to move here. My banter via Facebook immediately changed! It was now all about getting her here;)  Bantering obviously increased as she spoke of their love of the area and desire to one day move here. Each post I saw about LA I added a snarky, smart ass or taunting comment! And that my friends is HOW you gain the most activity on someone’s Facebook Page! Growing up the daughter of a Smart Ass earned me this fabulous honor! Thanks Louise for rewarding the inner snark in me!

Back to my dad (you didn’t think the post was over did you; I still have to bring it back to me). My dad was always the intuitive cook in the house. He showed me early on that you can open the fridge and make a new meal out of leftovers and somehow he made it taste good. He was the intuitive cook, adding a pinch of this or a dash of that on whim …  I had to follow recipes to make anything taste decent. Yes, Dad gave me the smart ass gene but I DID NOT get the intuitive cook gene. So you might be wondering at this point how the heck I’m a food company rep and posting recipes and dinner ideas without this important cooking gene??? Well my friends; THAT is the magic of Wildtree;)

Did you get the intuitive cooking gene?

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