New Year’s resolution … yes I’m already planning and excited!

Those of you who know me well, know me personally or have been connecting with me a bit on Facebook or Twitter this past year may find it ODD, to say the least, that me of all people are already planning and preparing for my New Year’s resolution. And though I’m going to save my actual resolution until New Year’s Eve; I will tell you that this year it is going to be a NEW Year, NEW Me!

Wondering what I’m up to?????? Well here’s a video with a bit more info

I’m creating my plan now and will be implementing steps this month to ensure that once the New Year comes that I’ve prepared myself for success not failure.

How about you, are you already anticipating the New Year and the changes you’ll be implementing? Have you already started preparing your plan?


Social Media Strategy Training: more than social media tips & tricks

Have you ever walked into a room and connected with someone … no I mean REALLY connected with them? Have you ever listened to a speaker in a full room and felt like you were the only one in the room that speaker was talking to? Well that is what happened to me at the BagLady Promotions Women In Business conference in the fall of 2010. I started following Ann Evanston immediately upon seeing that she was a speaker at the conference. I already knew I would like the WAY she spoke because her posts had a bit of sass to them — already sat well with me. And since I was very intrigued in social media and getting my business word out via Facebook I was anxious to hear what she told us to do on this new frontier for me. So following her for a few weeks before the conference was fun. And in those following moments, when she was posting about meeting up with some conference attendees for drinks, I was in … well I’m always in for drinks … especially after a long day of learning and marketing! I was excited to get the back stage pass, after event party invite with Ann. But first … we had a conference to attend!

And that is when I met

I already mentioned above how I felt when Ann spoke that day. The points she gave us in that 30 minutes pretty much went against 50 – 75% of what I’d already put in place, but yet it all made sense to me. SO why do you think I kept following her online…why did I join her Blogger Monday community? Because she connected with me. That connection (one of MANY I made that day) came through and I (eventually) signed up for Ann’s Social Networking Coaching Club but under Ann’s first certified/licensed coach Louise Edington .. you see Louise was also at that conference, in that room when Ann spoke and at that bar after the conference. And we connected as well. She is the one who lead me, who guided me, through the free portions of the SNCC system. Why did she do that .. well I can only guess, but my guess is that I also made a connection with her. She knew there was more to Ann’s SoMe system and that I’d not only love the community that I’d find inside but I’d give back to it as well.

And I have fond just that … a great community of women that I look forward to seeing every time I am online — even if we don’t interact at the same space of time, we support each others posts, we comment on each others blogs we engage with each other … not because we are told to do so but because we have made a connection with each other. I’ve formed the beginnings of a collaboration with Rita Freay on a passion project, I always know my fellow night owl Jen Duchene is there with me online after the kids go to sleep, I’ve been nominated as fan of the week by Susan Berland … and yes I’ve gained so many tips and tricks from the system as well as more business already by using it … but more importantly I’ve gained SO MUCH MORE! And exactly what I needed. And I’m not even through the entire program yet! There are still so many more things for me to learn!

If you are looking for more to your Social Media presence than what you have now, check out Louise Edington’s SNCC spring specials with amazing deals on her trainings until the end of May. And connect with me there too! I’d love to add you to my list of online community contacts.

Have you ever found yourself in a community that made you wonder, “How have I gone without this til now?”

Entering the Change

Lots of change happening for me lately. Both work and family and also internally for me … not not THAT change!! Hopefully I have a few more years for that one. (though deleting that one week a month would be FINE with me…I know, I know… TMI)

What I’m talking about is me. WHO I AM. Do you know who you are? Several times now I’ve played Ann Evanston’s WHO AM I game. She asks you to take a few minutes and write down a list of words of who you are. Then she sets a timer and waits. Well the first time I completed this game was at the BLP conference in September of 2010. Interesting outcome and ended up with me really starting to take a look within myself. Months later I finally signed up with my friend Louise Edington to learn Ann’s social networking system and in that 30 day intensive again I was asked, WHO I AM. Well, I thought … I’ve got this!!!! Done it before, got it now. right???? But after writing my list (for the 3rd time now) what I realized is that although I had looked inward and identified some issues I hadn’t made any changes. I was still stuck in my roles! What can I say, some people have thick skulls;)

So this weekend, amid the tornado of things that typically go on in my life every day, I made the change. My thoughts are not limited to what I do, to my biz or to being a mom. I am not my roles in life I am Yvonne Elm Hall and I matter! And I welcome you to MY blog!

Hope you enjoy my change and all that will come here in the future.

Are you stuck in your roles or have you too made the change?

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