Don’t let Technology Fears stop you — JUST DO IT!

I am completely out of biz cards! ok, I still have one … I think that is lipstick smeared on the corner (maybe some sort of sauce) with a few sprinkles of gold fish mashed in as well … not suitable for a media mixer for sure.

So after my ‘work’ was done at 11:30pm and I was contemplating what to do; what I’d hand out to people at the #blpinfluential Mix & Mingle Soiree tomorrow morning. And then it hit me — we have all those 4×6 glossy photo sheets that came with our Cannon printer cartridges and I have a logo and a great headshot … maybe I could make something up quickly. Now I know most of you would have headed to Photoshop — don’t know that program well enough for a late night session! SO … I opted for my stand by program — WORD. Don’t laugh! I use what I got!

Added my photo

Added the makeshift logo my friend made

Added my contact info

Well I should add my name … and a little intro … uh oh … I’m getting inspired (according to a seminar Martha McBride attended, I’m a prowler which means I am a creative night dweller .. so being productive and funny at midnight is not so uncommon).

There it was … on the computer, in a 4×6 format, in color, proofed and ready for printing and sharing and laughing at … one little problem … I have ZERO idea how to use the 4×6 glossy paper in the printer! It must use it though since it came in my ink cartridge pack, right?

Off to the printer I go, I look in the paper drawer; no 4×6 setting. I turn the printer around and see if there are any other drawers to pull out or levers that pop up … this photo paper has to fit somewhere! This machine is like a freakin’ puzzle box!

Oh there it is in the back, totally hidden. As soon as the drawer falls open I see the little 4×6 slot ready for me! So I load the paper and hit print … prints on the back. Turn the paper around, hit print. Bottom contact info is cut off. Change the formatting and font size on my file. Hit print. ohhhh that looks presentable … but maybe it could be better. I hit print again and go to Media and Quality settings … change to semi gloss paper and High print quality … go. Ohh these are looking good!!! Wait, what is flashing???, crap the ink it running out! open the cover, printer won’t move because I’m mid-print. Close the cover. Cancel the print. Open the cover. Change magenta and Skinny black ink. Close the cover. Select print AGAIN with semi gloss paper and high print quality.

go brush my teeth.

Come back and wrap my little tokens of humor in plastic, place in purse and off to bed I go. (well really off to blog about it all but you know what I mean, right?)

So what that I don’t have cards for a networking event, so what that I don’t know Photoshop, so what that tonight was the first night I’d ever printed on 4×6 photo stock at home, so what that these aren’t as fabulous as if my graphic designer Janice could make … I had a need. I filled the need. I like the outcome;) I just Did It! And ya know … maybe they’ll even still seem funny in the morning!

Are you a thinker or a doer? Do you just jump in like me and assume you’ll figure it out on the way or do you let your fear of the unknown stop you in your tracks?

If you let fear get in the way sometimes I challenge you this week to DIVE RIGHT IN! And let me know how that goes for you;)

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